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It's Book Fair Time!

The Brimhall Book Fair will be October 12-14. If you would like to help students at our school buy books at the book fair, you can contribute to the school's eWallet. For more information about eWallet and the book fair, CLICK HERE.

Join the Special Education Advisory Council

Join the Special Education Advisory Council and have a voice in special education policies, practices, and issues related to the education of each child. For more information about SEAC and future meetings, CLICK HERE.

Apply for Meal Benefits Today!

This fall, we will no longer be receiving federal funding to provide these free meals for all students. But your child may still qualify for free or reduced-price school meals.

CLICK HERE to fill out an application

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About Us

Brimhall is a multicultural community who believes there is more than one way of succeeding and knows that it takes the school-family connection for our children to thrive. We nurture a sense of belonging and create an environment that holds high expectations for all. Our core values are: collaborative, growth, joy, equity and creativity.

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